The Druid’s Peace Prayer: Stag/Deer and Awen Painting

I wanted to share my first painting of the new year.  When the winter months come, I find myself doing a lot more artwork while I wait till the spring is here again!  I painted this piece (done in watercolors) for my office, to always remind me that druidry is a path of peace.  The druid’s peace prayer, if you can’t read it on the painting is:

Deep within the still center of my being, may I find peace

Silently within the quiet of the grove, may I share peace

Gently and powerfully  within the greater circle of humanity, may I radiate peace

Go in peace, my friends, on this Imbloc!

Druid's Peace Prayer: Stag and Forest Awen
Druid's Peace Prayer: Stag and Forest Awen

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