The Sacred Actions Journal: A Wheel of the Year Journal is being released on January 24th, 2023.  The Sacred Actions Journal serves as a companion journal to Sacred Actions: Living the Wheel of the Year through Earth-Centered Sustainable Practices and offers neopagans and earth-based spiritual practitioners opportunities for reflecting on sustainable and sacred practices in the eight-fold wheel of the year.  It was both written and illustrated by me, Dana O’Driscoll.

The Sacred Actions Journal is available globally from major booksellers. You can purchase the Sacred Actions Journal at the following links:

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More about Sacred Actions Journal

Spiritual journaling is a powerful, transformative practice that allows for a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world. Each of the eight wheel-of-the-year chapters offers “sacred actions” or ways of integrating nature spirituality and sustainable living.  Each beautifully illustrated chapter offers themes for journaling and meditation, core spiritual activities that can prompt reflection, and a creative journaling strategy to deepen your writing practice.  Each section also has plenty of blank pages for you to write and reflect. This unique offering is a perfect complement to deepening and exploring nature-based spiritual practices tied to sustainable living and envisioning a brighter future.

Sacred Actions are all about encouraging people to make small but fundamental shifts in both thought and action toward spiritually-informed sustainable living. Sacred Actions asks us to live a more connected, reverent, and holistic life—and that can be very challenging work to do. How do people make meaningful changes in their lives? How do they document and share it? The Sacred Actions Journal, through the meditations, prompts, and activities provide a gateway for this work.

Appearances and Videos about the Sacred Actions Journal

Walking the Walk: Sacred Actions for the Earth Conference hosted by the Order of the Oak.  This was an amazing online conference with a number of individuals from different backgrounds and traditions sharing how to help transition us to an earth-honoring path.  I was the second speaker at the conference :).

I was recently featured on Nature Echoes with John Willmott – we went through the Sacred Actions journal in depth.

I was also recently featured in a conversation with Nate Summers about the Sacred Actions book in a great conversation!

Artwork and Examples

Here are some screenshots and examples from the journal.

Here’s an example of the Experiences and activities page for the Spring Equinox:

Example from the Spring Equinox Section

Here are two examples of the artwork in each of the sections: