Want to Come to the Druid’s Garden? WOOfing/Learning Opportunity for Fall Harvest Season! :)

I have this listed locally, but I figured I’d post it here and give it a shot to see if anyone is interested.  I’m looking for a WOOFer (That is someone who works on organic farms) to come and do some work for the fall season.  Serious inquiries only.  Thanks!


WOOFing/Learning Opportunity on Small Homestead – Harvest Season

I am looking for a WOOFer for the rest of the summer and fall season (immediately till the end of the growing season, end of November) for a small 3 acre homestead in Clarkston, Michigan. I can offer free lodging in exchange for 15-20 hours of work a week on the homestead. If it works out and you are looking for longer-term living, we can make an arrangement.

Work will include: harvesting, food preservation, fall/early winter gardening, fall garden bed preparation, sheet mulching, perennial bed planting, herb harvesting and drying, animal husbandry (chickens), weeding, possibly other projects depending on your skill set. Must be good at independent work. I am happy to teach you any skills you do not know; this can be a great learning opportunity for someone looking to learn about homesteading and sustainable living. If you have some construction experience, that is a plus!

Other activities you can be involved in here at the homestead include: beekeeping (two hives on site), wild food foraging, mushroom foraging, herbalism/medicine making (salves, oils, tinctures), hand papermaking, natural crafts, soapmaking, sustainability activities in the community, farmer’s market, the Oakland County Permaculture Meetup.

Lodging will be in my home in a beautiful spare bedroom (fully furnished, large windows, wood floors, closet); lodging will include use of common rooms (living room, den) and kitchen, your own bathroom (also used by anyone who is visiting/house guests). There is also one cat in residence.

The property features a ½ acre pond, wooded back area, outdoor meditation/stone circle, 50+ perennial and annual medicinal and culinary herbs in beds, 2000 square foot vegetable garden, free range chickens, fire pit, detached garage and barn (and art studio, for those interested in such things!) It is a certified Wildlife Habitat and a Monarch Waystation (with butterfly gardens to enhance the lives of local pollinators). Everything is done on the homestead in a manner that respects the sanctity of all life – no chemicals, all organic approaches, approaching living through permaculture design.

For more info, please leave a comment here and I will respond :).


  1. That is a terrific opportunity and if I didn’t have commitments over here I would be applying like a shot! 🙂

  2. MR Craig Anthony Wilson

    I am craig i am very intrested in your offer i am 38 year old man an whoyld love the opatunty i love to garden like to grow an a good spireded man i have dislexear so litracet not my strong point but i lern well have lots pracktial,pracktes an also anthseyastick,i have voleneard in m lockal commnty center an have an awordin best pracktes in commnty involvment 2005 an pantomimes childrens pkaydays id love this opatunaty to have a resone an help in a srten sichwashos in living i hope to har from you
    mr craig A wilson

    1. Hi Craig – I sent you an email via your gmail address :).

  3. Though I have the acute interest and very passionate enthusiasm for every single thing mentioned in this jaw-droppingly awesome opportunity, you probably would want someone with more experience… 🙂

    1. Actually, no. Part of the whole concept of WOOFing is to gain experience. If you are interested and willing to learn, I’m willing to teach. That’s the whole idea :).

      1. SO, if you are interested, drop me a line at adriayna@yahoo.com and we can talk more. I am very happy to teach–and I’m sure I have lots to learn from you as well!

        1. MR Craig Anthony Wilson

          Thank u for you email i have teplide to dana an wate for a phone call thanks for you opatuntay to tslk on yoan or hopfsly lerning opotunaty an hardworking opotunatys i an intrested in

  4. I just want to say that your property sounds so beautiful. I live in Australia and so could not do it but how wonderful to be possessed by all those skills. You are truly blessed

    1. Thank you, Janet!

  5. Any chance you could hold week long ‘camps’ ? 🙂

    1. Gina, yes, I could :). I was consider a “harvest weekend” kind of thing in October…where are you located?

      1. Oh, California :/

  6. I may be interested in doing this, but I can’t make any guarantees at this point. Just to let you know, I have little experience in such things, but I’m a pretty hard worker.

    I’ve planted a tree and grown lettuce before. I also do have experience taking care of animals. Not farm animals, but I grew up in a house with so many animals we called it Noah’s Ark. We had salamanders, newts, fish, bunnies, dogs, a cat, parakeets, chameleons, boa-constrictors, pythons, frogs and I helped clean up after all these critters.

    I am a practicing druid and fellow nature lover who goes to Farmer’s Markets and tries to eat as natural as I can.

    Drop me a line at jjohnl@gmu.edu


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